Stay Fast Cycling - The VOLT Review

JetBlack Cycling Bike trainer - the Volt

If you are in the market for a smart trainer, I seriously recommend the JetBlack Volt...

“My first session was with the JetBlack training app on my phone and it was a very smooth experience. However, I soon got on Zwift and that is where the real fun started! 

“…The Volt trainer at AU$1199 is slightly cheaper than other trainers in the market and being an Aussie company, makes it very appealing to locals here. Based in Sydney, any issues with the unit can be addressed in a reasonable timeframe…

“Using an electromagnetic drive, the ride is smooth and realistic especially entering the hills…

Stay Fast Cycling - JetBlack Volt Smart Trainer: Silent and Smooth Indoor Cycling

Cycle Trainers Designed & Engineered in New Zealand Designed & Engineered in New Zealand

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