Rocker Plate Bundle


Buy a Rocker plate and get a FREE Turn Riser Block!

The Rocker  Plate and Turn Riser Block combo will rock your world!

The JetBlack Rocker Plate and Turn Riser Block is designed to mirror the movement of riding outdoors and bring an authentic, responsive and engaging riding experience indoors.
When combining the turning action of the Turn Riser Block and side to side rocking movement of the Rocker Plate you will experience a freedom of movement and superior indoor riding experience that is unparalleled, whilst also eliminating stress on your body and equipment. Immerse yourself in a whole new level of indoor cycle training.

Once you have experienced indoor cycle training with the new JetBlack Rocker Plate and Turn Riser Block combo you will never want to ride on a fixed trainer again.

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Indoor Cycling Training Accessories From Jetblack Cycling

A more engaging experience

The Rocker plate & turn block gives you a more realistic indoor cycle training experience. It mimics the movement you get on an outdoor ride.

This engages your core and helps train the muscles you use when on the road – right from the comfort of your house. 

The Rocker Plate

Listen to Craig Alexander – five time World Triathlon champion, 12 time Australian Triathlon champion, husband, father, and avid cyclist – talk about the Rocker Plate.

Turn Riser Block

“One of the things I love that JetBlack has brought to the table is a front wheel turn block that moves a little bit, has a little bit of give in it. Most of them keep your front wheel locked in position, and obviously that’s not what happens when you’re riding out on the road.”

- Craig Alexander

Improve your indoor cycling experience.

Break free from being locked in.


  • A superior riding experience
  • A more engaging and captivating ride
  • Ride more comfortably, for longer
  • Engage more muscles
  • Ideal for all levels of experience
  • Compatible with most cycle trainers
  • Quality build
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Cycle Trainers Designed & Engineered in New Zealand Designed & Engineered in New Zealand

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