We are so stoked about the benefits of our new Turn Riser Block that we want to give you one for free! The only catch is you gotta tell your mates just how great it is.

The Turn Riser Block is a game changer and has been designed to level the front wheel whilst allowing the same freedom of movement you feel outdoors. As well as creating a superior riding experience on any indoor trainer, it eliminates any stress on your body and your equipment.

Get a free JetBlack Turn Riser Block
The nitty gritty:

Produce a 1-2 minute video telling us why you love it.

To qualify for a free JetBlack Turn Riser Block, all you have to do is produce a one to two minute video telling us why you love it. Then post the video on your personal Facebook and Instagram pages, tagging in @jetblackcycling on both platforms (and if you haven’t yet, be sure to like our page) Also, use #winthevolt #lovetoride #jetblackcycling

A few sneaky tips on points to cover in your video:

The JetBlack jackpot:

As well as receiving a free Turn Riser Block, the best video will win a JetBlack Volt Smart Trainer Bundle Valued at $1,800. This includes the new JetBlack Volt EMS Smart Trainer, JetBlack Trainer Table, JetBlack TV Stand and JetBlack Trainer Mat.

And there’s no ‘second place is the first loser’ around here. Silver and bronze will receive JetBlack Trainer accessory bundles – isn’t that nice.

Videos will be judged with the following in mind:

  • How well does it highlight the key benefits?
  • How well does it show the freedom of outdoor riding indoors?
  • How creative can you get – a rap, poem, dance, costumes, cameos – the world is your spandex oyster.  
  • Would people share it? See above. 
  • Basic selfie video skills and generally not looking like a twit. Portrait people, come on. 


Submissions need to be in no later than Thursday 7 January 2021. Prize winners will be chosen on Thursday 14 January 2021.

JetBlack Volt Studio 1 - Trainer Bundle
Win the Volt bundle
JetBlack Rocker Plate

And just to give you even more incentive to get posting, the first 50 entries will go into the prize draw to win a new JetBlack Rocker Plate. These are awesome and combined with your new Turn Riser Block will rock your world and take you to the next level of indoor training.

Submit your entry.

Thanks for helping us spread the good word and we look forward to seeing your entry.

JetBlack Cycling is a family owned Australian company that places high value on family, fun and fitness.

With innovation and affordability at the fore, JetBlack is designed for riders, by riders. We craft and manufacture all of our own quality cycling products, then distribute them world-wide to lucky buggers like you.

Small Print:

If you somehow don’t get to submit your video before the final cut off day we ask that you kindly pay for your Turn Riser Block or send it back.

JetBlack retains the right to use your video how, when and where they see fit.

JetBlack retains the right to upload or remove any video from its social media and web platforms at its discretion.

Dates maybe subject to change.

Prize draw will be final.

Cycle Trainers Designed & Engineered in New Zealand Designed & Engineered in New Zealand

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